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Peter Ablinger:
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für separiertes Cello und Delay (2007)

Written for the Sumpfhahn Galery in Berlin, or for a situation in which the cello-player is acoustically - but not visually - separated from the audience.

This could be two adjacent rooms separated by a large bottom-to-top window, or a galery with a large window that goes directly to the street. The instrumentalist then would be inside, the audience outside.

In the performer's space there is a microphone on a stand. Outside, respectivly in the audience's space is a single loudspeaker. Between speaker and mic is a delay of 500ms. The sound of the cello (and everything else that happens in the performer's space) therefore is heard outside (the audience's space) with half a second delay.

The loudness of sound-projection is not too loud: in no way louder than the original sound.

Violoncello: Agnieska Dziubak, June 3, 2007 at the Sumpfhahn Galerie,
during the concert series "Krieg der Sprachen", Berlin-Wedding 2007
Photos: Siegrid Ablinger, Karin Pinter-Koschell

Before the performance the performer's room is empty, except the microphone, a mixer and/or amplifier, the cello packed in it's suitcase, a chair, a notestand, and maybe a bottle of water.

The performer does not know the score (except this foreword) and will receive it only directly before the performance and in front of the audience.

Performance beginn: The performer receives the score, enters it's room, turns on the mic-amplification, and follows the instructions in the score.

(Preword from the score, originally written in english, edited by James Orsher.)

german and english preface for the score

"Echtzeit" at Java Gallery, Sarajevo 2014, cello: Lucija Gregov

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