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Peter Ablinger:
Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung
Violine (auch Bratsche) (1997-2001), 126' (unvollendet)
vl (also va), electronics, 126' (unfinished)

> general introduction to IEAOV pieces

Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung ("14 Stationen"), violin (also viola); composed 1997-2001; unfinished

Study for station 14, skecth-books

IEAOV ("2 Stationen") are the only two finished parts from the project IEAOV ("14 Stationen") whose title holds a relationship to "The Stations of the Cross" by Barnett Newman. Additionally to the verticalisations - the wide spectral surfaces which are so typical for all IEAOV-pieces - also field-recordings play an important role in this pieces; Field-recordings which are filtered through the verticalisation derived from the string's "palette", so there spectral envelop is as close as possible to the verticalisation and therfore can be blended and merged with these surfaces up to an almost vanishing degree, where the field-recordings appear to be something like an auditory illusion...

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T: ++43 / 699 / 103 183 74, AB/F: ++43 / 1 / 535 12 66

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