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Peter Ablinger:
Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung
Flöte, Klarinette, Schlagzeug, Klavier, Violine, Violoncello (1995-99), 70'
fl, cl, perc, pno, vl, vc, electronics, 70'

> general introduction to IEAOV pieces

Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung ("Homage to the Square"), flute, clarinet, percussion (glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimbaphone) piano, violin, violoncello; composed 1995-99, unfinished; Software: Wolfgang Musil, Vienna; Multi-track conductor machine: Winfried Ritsch. Premiered: Resistance Fluctuation Los Angeles, 1998

6 from more than 1000 paintings of the "Homage to the Square"-series by Josef Albers
CC BY-SA 2.0 de

IEAOV ("Homage to the Square") is itself a series within the series of IEAOV pieces. "Homage to the Square" is the name of another series comprising more than 1000 paintings by Josef Albers (since 1949), chromatic interactions with flat colored squares arranged concentrically on the canvas.

Peter Ablinger: drawings from sketch-books for IEAOV ("Homage to the Square")

Requirements for IEAOV ("Homage to the Square"):

flute, clarinet, percussion (glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimbaphone), piano, violin, violoncello, MaxMSP, 7 microphones, 4 loudspeakers

stage set-up:
4 loudspeakers and 6 instruments in one straight line:

IEAOV ("Homage to the Square") consits of 18 pieces of equal lenght, 3 minutes each (- plus 18 prologue-situations: the recording of a single instruments' scale which are the basis for the electronic verticalisations). The entire piece has not yet been completly finished allthough - in different provisional versions - allready performed in its full extension of 70 minutes. 6 from 18 parts are meanwhile fully writen out. The other parts exist as semi-improvisational concepts. For further details ask the publisher:

Dr. Siegwald Ganglmair, Ruprechtsplatz 4-5/10, A - 1010 Wien,
T: ++43 / 699 / 103 183 74, AB/F: ++43 / 1 / 535 12 66

score, page 8, first part, from instrumentalists score
score, page 15, second part, from instrumentalists score
listen to the collage of 2 details of the piece: the clarinette "palette", immediatley followed by its verticalisation
listen to detail from second part
Text zur IEAOV-Serie
complete List of IEAOV pieces
general introduction to IEAOV pieces

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