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Peter Ablinger:
Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung
Schlagzeug (1992-2000), variable Dauer, z.B: 48'
perc, electronics, variable durations, e.g. 48'

> general introduction to IEAOV pieces

Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung ("8 Vitrinen, Pigmentstaub"), percussion; composed 1992-2000; Software: Wolfgang Musil, Vienna. Premiered: Vienna, 2000

from sketch-books 1994; text: Serie grauer Tafeln/versch. Strukturierungen des Graus/versch. Wind-Arten/(Wind im Getreide; Wind im Gebüsch, Wind in den Tannen) - compare also: Serie grauer Tafeln

IEAOV ("8 Vitrinen, Pigmentstaub")
IEAOV ("8 Vitrines, Pigment Dust")

The Principal Section

8 Condensations will be electronically extracted from the 8 introductory sections to form, one after the other and without interruption, the main body of the piece. The duration of each section is at the discretion of the interpreter, but should last between 2 - 6 minutes. Preferably, no clock should be used to judge the timing, which should justify itself intuitively. Do not attempt intentionally to differentiate between the lengths of individual sections, but aim rather for each idea to be of similar length (even if the result is certain to deviate from this ideal).

The Live Part of the Performer

is produced entirely from a kind of involuntary playing technique, a soft trembling, which results when one allows a hard stick (possibly metal-headed) to lie less than 1 millimetre above the instrument and involuntarily tremble/tap against it: a sound like the vibration of the glass in a cabinet as a heavy vehicle drives past. One must not carry out this trembling with any forward planning, so far as may be heard! Nevertheless it is possible to train oneself to play involuntarily.

The Principal Section (also the electroacoustic part) must therefore by very quiet.

Requirements for IEAOV ("8 Vitrinen, Pigmentstaub"):

percussion, MaxMSP, 4 microphones, 4 loudspeakers plus subwoofer

Instrumentation: 7 Skin Percussion, 7 Metal Percussion

7 skin percussion, graded from low to high (Skins 1 - 7); only instruments of indefinite pitch (no timpani, congas…), and with the ability to alter their pitch by application of pressure with the free hand onto the skin, e.g. bass drum, tom-toms, possibly bongos, hand drum, ...

7 metal percussion, graded from low to high (Metals 1 - 7); only instruments with complex resonance spectra (though without a noise spectrum such as cymbals or tam-tams), e.g. some tubular bells (if the fundamental pitch is not too definite), car suspension coil, brass plates (of indefinite pitch), triangles, ...

Percussion in the middle;
Audience surrounding it;
Loudspeakers (4 loudspeakers + 1 subwoofer) radiating outwards and reflecting off the walls.

set-up of percussion instruments, microphones and loudspeakers; audience surrounds the percussion player and sits between microphones and loudspeakers.

Total Duration: 32-48 minutes.

> full score! - download
> listen (percussion: Berndt Thurner)
> CD
> Text zur IEAOV-Serie
> complete List of IEAOV pieces
> general introduction to IEAOV pieces

for hard-copy of score and for software contact the publisher:

Dr. Siegwald Ganglmair, Ruprechtsplatz 4-5/10, A - 1010 Wien,
T: ++43 / 699 / 103 183 74, AB/F: ++43 / 1 / 535 12 66

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