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Peter Ablinger:
from: Weiss / Weisslich 7
video, 4', 2021

silent noise

digitized visual noise, and more than a conceptual fact; if one takes a deep look into it, it opens up visual wonders. check the youtube-link and view it on a large screen.

Wonders of Noise, video, 4:00 > youtube link

siehe auch / see also:

Musik ohne Klänge / Music without Sounds

Weiss / weisslich 7a, Rauschempfänger

Weiss / weisslich 7b, Rauschen

Fernsehn ohne Ton / TV without antenna


Rauschen / white noise documentation

Waterfall and TV without antenna, 1996

TV without antenna, at Werkraum Berlin, 31.1.2021

"Wonders of Noise", digitized and analogue noise,
in the exhibition "Nothingtoseeness",
Akademie der Künste Berlin, 15.9.-12.12.2021

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