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Peter Ablinger
from: "Augmented Studies"

für 16 Flöten (2012)

Is it possible to generate an algorithm capable of understanding and reproducing the rhythmic complexity created by reflections of the moonlight on the surface of the sea? I am quite sure 'Hypotheses on the Moonlight' failed my initial question. In the end though, it became something else. A micro-rhythmic/micro-tonal proportional canon created out of one single, ascending, regular, 25-cent scale over the range of a flute. (english edited by Henry Andersen)

Photo, first sketch for "Hypotheses...", and proportion canon for 16 flutes (beginning of the score)

listen to studio-draft, all flutes: Erik Drescher

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for score and click tracks contact the publisher:
Dr. Siegwald Ganglmair, Ruprechtsplatz 4-5/10, A - 1010 Wien,
T: ++43 / 699 / 103 183 74, AB/F: ++43 / 1 / 535 12 66

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